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Machine Laid Asphalt and Tarmac Surfacing

Machine Laid Asphalt and Tarmac Surfacing

Pavmac Surfacing are specialists in the construction and resurfacing of car parks, private roads, tarmac driveways, footpaths, school playgrounds and tennis courts in black or coloured tarmac. Our employees have many years of experience in the tarmac and asphalt resurfacing industry, with skills ranging from domestic tarmac driveways design ideas and construction, to commercial and industrial asphalt paver machine operation with the capability to lay 100's of tons of bituminous macadam per day.

Base Course Tarmac Rolling

Domestic Tarmac Driveways

We specialise in both machine and hand laid asphalt, tarmacadam and 'tar and chip' surface dressing with some of the most competitive prices in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire for commercial, industrial and domestic projects...

Bitelli Tarmac Paver - Paving Machine Hire

Bitelli Tarmac Paver - Paving Machine Hire

Asphalt Car Park

Asphalt Car Park

Industrial car park preparation works underway. To be overlaid in SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) and marked out with hot applied thermoplastic white lining paint

Groundworks Tarmac Surfacing

Groundworks, Preparation and Surfacing

Pavmac can handle every aspect of your groundwork and surfacing project. We have the manpower, expertise and machinery to undertake works of any size, from planning and design, through to completion.

Pavmac Surfacing Contractors - Tarmac and Asphalt Surfacing - Nationwide Coverage for Larger Projects
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Bitelli BB630 & BB650 Paver, Bomag Roller, plant hire with/without operators - Call for Information.

PHOTO GALLERY: Recent Pavmac Tarmac and Asphalt Surfacing Projects

  • Tarmac and Asphalt Road Construction & Groundworks

  • Car Parks, Footpaths, Road Surfacing, Kerbing, Drainage

  • School Playgrounds, Tennis Courts Repaired and Resurfaced

  • Resin Bonding and Resin Bound Surfaces

  • Surface Dressing – Tar and Chip

  • Tarmac and Groundworks Machine Hire – Pavers, Rollers, Wackers, With or Without Crew

  • Tarmac Driveways – Black or red coloured Tarmac drives

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CSCS Skills

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